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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Stella, where art thou Stella

Stella Artois was first brewed in Belguim in 1926 as a Christmas brew, the name Stella derives from the Latin language meaning star. Stella is the #1 selling premium beer in the UK and advertised their as "Reassuring Expensive" It is promoted mainly as an international brand by Inbev.
In Belguim Stella is promoted as "Mijn huis is waar mijn Stella staat" which means My home is where my Stella is.

Stella has a strong taste and comes across a bit bitter for my liking, the aroma of Stella is subtle and by the mouthful is where youll understand my comment of being bitter and going down a bit rough. Stella is in a catchy green bottle and looks like a mini champagne bottle. Will i have another? Just the one more before i switch over.

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: C Smell: B- Look: B- Mouthful: C- Repeat: C-

Overall: C

This Damned beer

Maudite is a beer brewed by Unibroue, the name translates into the damned one and was the first strong beer distributed in Quebec November 1992.
It is a beer that contains 8% alcohol and the very first beer in North America that gets better with age. Some folks find that the beer is best served with pasta, stews or a spicy dish. Maudite served after many years has the distinguish to taste more like a port wine then a beer. Maudite is also associated with a legend of lumberjacks who stroke a deal with the devil to fly their canoe in the air to be home in time for Christmas.

Maudite is an ale and has the taste of spice, it also has a unique smell of a sort of spice hence why they suggest you drink it with something spicey, by the mouthful Maudite is an acquired taste and does not go down as smooth as some may tell you.
The look of Maudite is more of a Halloween feel as the bottle has a demon and a flying canoe on the label the beer is of a mahogany color. Will i have another? One more but to just pass the time.

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: C- Smell: C Look: B Mouthful: D+ Repeat: D+

Overall: C-

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Another Great Wall

Tsing Tao Brewery is China's largest brewer founded by German settlers in 1903. The brewery has gone threw many hands from the Germans to the Japanese then back to the Chinese. Tsing Tao is sold in over 50 countries and hit the United States in 1972 where it is the #1 Chinese beer on the market. Tsing Tao has used the logo of a pier Zhan Qiao and is produced with spring water from Laoshon a mountain area in China, famous for its purity of water.

Tsing Tao has a pleasant aroma and the taste though a little bitter is still drinkable, The bottle is a catchy green and the label is of a pier in the region the beer is brewed.
A mouthful goes down but that is where you get your full taste of bitterness. Will i have another? Of course would like to build my own great wall.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: C- Smell C+ Look B+ Mouthful D+ Repeat C

Overall: C

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Calling all Moose

Moosehead breweries which is based in Saint John, New Bruinswick is Canada's oldest independent brewer and was established in 1867.
Moosehead is a lager that has a 5% alcohol content it contains a balance of hop sweetness and hop bitterness, Moosehead is brewed longer to impart its flavour and is made from age old yeast content. Moosehead of course has a Moose as part of its logo and comes in a distintive green bottle.

Moosehead has a strong smell of hops and a bit of spice, the taste is different and you can really taste the corn in this beer. The bottle is catchy being green and has a moose a Canadian symbol on the bottle. A mouthful goes down but it is a bit fizzy in the mouth like some fiz candy some may like that some may not. Will i have another? I shall but not too many after.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: C Smell: C+ Look: A- Mouthful: C- Repeat: C

Overall: C+

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Quebecous monde

This is a canadian premium beer brewed in Quebec, Canada. Le Fin Du Monde which stands for "The end of the World" in french was launches in 1994 by Unibroue Breweries. This beer is unique with its high alchohol volume of 9%, the beer is made with triple fermentation and they create their yeast in a unique way. Unibroue opened its doors in 1993 and is located in Chamly, Quebec it was purchased by Sleemans Breweries in 2004. Unibroue was said to have made beer for sovereigntist and nationalist audiences until it was bought by Sleemans.

La fin has a subtle flavour when sipped and is a strong pale ale, it has a very sweet smell like a sort of spice and with its high alchohol content can hit the spot nicely.
The Label is of the province of Quebec and shows pride but it is not eye catching at all while the beer itself is of a blond color, by the mouthful it does go down easy and leaves a taste of spice, hops and malt. Will i have another? I sure will but with its high alcohol content this just might be an early night.

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: A- Smell: B Look: C Mouthful: B+ Repeat: A-

Overall: B+

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Ex might say it all

Export is brewed by Molson a Canadian company which originated in Montreal in 1786 and is Canada's second oldest company. Molson was Canada's largest brewer in 2003 and is now the 5th largest brewer in the world after merging with American company Coors. Molson currently owns 20% of NHL team the Montreal Canadiens and has many sport sponserships from Auto racing to naming rights of stadiums.
Export is more then 100 years old after first hitting the market in 1903. Export is the #1 selling ale in Canada.

The smell of export is mild to strong some may say the taste is flavoursome i would say it is strong and is an acquired taste, Ex is an Ale and a mouthful is not the best tasting beer by far. The look of Ex is appealing with the ship sailing and the bright red colored label standing out. Would i have another? More out of respect for the history but just one more.

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: D+ Smell: C Look: B Mouthful: D+ Repeat: D

Overall: D+

Friday, March 31, 2006

The big daddy of Pilsner

Pilsner Urquell is a Czech beer from a country that is the world's #1 beer drinking country per capita. Pilsner is brewed in a town by the name of Plzen since 1842 and the town has brewing records dating all the way back to 1295. The Czechs do know how to make their beer and Urquell is german for "original source". Pilsner Urquell was the world's first Pilsner beer and all pilsners around the world are modeled after this beer. If you are ever in the Czech republic you will need to visit the brewing complex it is simply breathtaking. Pilsner can be found in many parts of the world and the cost is above average but well worth it.

Pilsner Urquell is a light pilsner which has a refreshing taste and a mild to strong smell, the beer can be gulped down by the mouthful and the look is spectacular from the bottle to the label very eye catching.
Will i have another? For the grand daddy of all Pilsners you bet i will

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: B+ Smell: B- Look: A Mouthful: A- Repeat: A-

Overall: A-

A Canadian Classic

Blue is the best selling beer from Labatts which was established in 1847 in London, Ontario. Labatts was purchased by Interbrew a belgian brewery in 1995 . The name Blue originated from Labatts support of CFL team the Blue Bombers in Winnipeg back in 1951 and the name stuck. Blue claimed top spot in the Canadian beer market in 1979 and holds that honour til this day.
Labatts has many sponserships most notably Hockey Night in Canada, Labatts Blue was also the main sponser of English soccer team Nottingham Forrest from 1992-97.

Blue is a pilsner and does has a stronger smell then other canadian beers.
The taste is light and can be drank by the mouthful. The look is very plain and not at all eye catching. Will I have another? A Canadian icon yes of course.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B- Smell: C+ Look: C Mouthful: B- Repeat: B-

Overall: B-

This Bud can be yours

Budweiser is a global brand and sells more then any domestic beer combined in the USA. Budweiser is the best selling brand of beer in the world and is renowned for its slogan "King of Beers". Budweiser has been brewed since 1876 by Anheuser-Busch and based in St. Louis, Missouri . It is known for its many sports sponserships and Budweiser has always had catchy commercials from the "Wassups" to 3 frogs repeating "Bud" "Wei" "Ser" and its famous Bud Bowl is an American favorite. Budweiser is a marketing sensation and you may buy many products with the Budweiser logo and brand.

Budweiser is lager and smells good their is a pleasant aroma to the beer. Budweiser is lightly flavoured and heavily carbonated and has a mild taste by the mouthful it is very generous and goes down easy. Budweiser looks great and the label my be one of the best in the world. Will i have another? Yes this Buds for me

Cheer to Beer Rating

Taste: A Smell: B+ Look: A Mouthful: A Repeat: A-

Overall: A

Rocky Mountain Brew

Coors Light is brewed Coors Brewing company and after merging in 2005 with Molson Breweries is now the Molson Coors Brewing Company the fifth largest brewer in the world. Coors was established in 1873 by german immigrant Adolph Coors. Coors is said to take its flavour from the rocky mountains. Coors was also the first company to package beer in aluminum cans, the movie Smokey and the Bandit brought Coors into the spotlight based on smuggling beer from Texas to Georgia. Coors light goes by the nickname "silver bullet".

Coors Light is a light lager with a mild aroma and goes down easy. The taste is unique from other light beers and is refreshing. The look is eye catching as the label is silver and stands out, by the mouthful it is easily gulped down. Will i have another? Yes by the mouthful.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B+ Smell: B- Look: B+ Mouthful: A- Repeat: B+

Overall: B+

O Sapporo

Sapporo the Japanese beer thats light and tastes just like a german beer. Sapporo Breweries is headquarted in Ebisu, Japan and was first brewed by a german-trained brewmaster Seibei Nakagawa in 1876. Sapporo Classic is just like a german pilsner and Sapporo comes in many different brews from light to rice lager (Japan's favorite) and many more. In Japan you can buy Sapporo from vending machines until 11pm then the machines owners are forbidden by law to the machines sell alcohol.

Sapporo that we tried was the rice lager it tastes just like a draft is light their isnt any smell to the beer just very simple. The look could use some work as the label looks more of a western cowboy idea then a japanese brand. One thing about this Sapporo brand is that you will be heading to the washroom pretty quickly after a couple. Will i have another? Yes i will but ill be sitting close to a stale.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: C+ Smell: C+ Look: C- Mouthful: B- Repeat: C+

Overall: C+

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Could it be Grolsch

Grolsch is a dutch brewery know for its pilsner beer, it has been brewing beer since 1615 in the town of Groenlo which is where the name of the beer took shape. Grolsch is famous for its unique bottle shape known as the beugel which uses a swing type cap like some of the old pop bottles we use to see years ago. Only exported bottles of Grolsch are green and bottles in the Netherlands are brown while the exported bottle's caps are plastic but the ones in the Netherlands are still made with porcelain. Grolsch comes in regular bottles now but where is the fun in that.

Grolsch comes in a great bottle which is very easy to open by hand, the taste is refreshing and the mouthfuls are plenty. Grolsch smells just like a pilsner and with over 400 years of experience we will just call them experts. Will i have another? You better believe it.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B Smell: C+ Look: A Mouthful: B- Repeat: B-

Overall: B-

The Pride of Nova Scotia

The beer know in Canada as the pride of Nova Scotia is Alexander Keiths. Keiths brewing company was founded in Halifax, Nova Scotia in1820 and to this day is still enjoyed by all Canadians especially in the East Coast. The brewery is still in Halifax and it is the only location that the beer is produced. Keith's is under control now by Labatts which is a subsidiary of Interbrew. Keiths is an indian pale ale and is mostly found in Canada. Keiths has gained in popularity across Canada due to its off the wall commercials.

Alexander Keiths has some Canadian feel to it with a deer on the label and the colors are eye catching the beer its self has a bit of a bitter taste if you drink it by the mouthful. The smell is more sweet then stale. Will i have another? Yes but i'll pace myself.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: C+ Smell: C+ Look: B Mouthful: C- Repeat: C+

Overall: C+

Cerveja por favor

Sol is a beer from Mexico and for all you vacation goers im sure you've all tried a Sol with or without the lime. Sol is spanish for sun.
Sol is brewed by the major mexican brewery Cervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma which was founded in 1890 and is a subsidiary of Femsa, the largest beverage company in Mexico. Sol was originally called El Sol and the logo and presentation has not changed since 1890s. Sol is all over Mexico and can be found at select locations worldwide.

Sol is a golden lager with a refreshing taste, their isnt much of a smell to it and the beer goes down smoothly, The bottle is unique and has alot of history to it. For some Sol goes down a little better with a touch of lime and for others just as it is. Will i have another? Yes 2 please

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B+ Smell: C+ Look: A- Mouthful: B+ Repeat: A-

Overall: B+

Uma Sagres

Sagres is a beer from Portugal and the #1 selling beer in the country.
Sagres is brewed by Sociedade Central de Cervejas (Centre of Beers) and is owned by the Scottish brewery Scottish & Newcastle Breweries.
Sagres is available in a number of different forms, classic, bohemia, zero, preto. Sagres is considered the beer of lisbon and is named after the south-western most point in Portugal. You can find Sagres all over Portugal and alot of portuguese restaurants all over the world carry the brand.

Sagres Classic is a golden lager with a regular beer taste, the smell is a little strong but nothing worth worrying about the look is very plain and could use a bit of spicing while a mouthful goes down well.
Will i have another? Yes i will

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B- Smell: C Look: C- Mouthful: C+ Repeat: B-

Overall: C+

Cheers to Beers Rating System

All Beers win be rated on taste, smell, look, mouthful, repeat.

Grades will be given from best to worst A+ being highest rating, F being the lowest rating


Taste: How does the Beer taste in your mouth by sipping, good, poor, any flavours.

Smell: How does the Beer smell, holding beer to nose and inhaling it in.

Look: How the beer looks, design of bottle, color of beer, label on bottle

Mouthful: How the beer tastes with a full gulp, is it too light, too heavy, too thick.

Repeat: Would you have another Beer.

Make it a Carlsberg

Carlsberg which is headquartered in Valby, Denmark is one off the largest breweries in the world. Its flagship beer is Carlsberg. Carlsberg was founded by J.C. Jacobson and the exportation started in 1868. Carlsberg is a global beer and you can pick it up at most local pubs around the world. Carlsberg is a pilsner which is pale, golden-hued, highly hopped, bottom-fermented beer. Carlsberg also starred in the movie Ice Cold in Alex as the lager the main cast get to drink after driving across the desert.
Some slogans for Carlsberg are "probably the best beer in the world" & "make it a Carlsberg" Carlsberg beer is also the main sponsers for such famous soccer clubs as Liverpool and Copenhagen and also sponsers the Carlsberg Sky Tower in Singapore.
Carlsberg is truly a world class beer and if your a fan of Carlsberg then make sure to pick up Carlsberg beer mugs, cups and coasters and make it a Carlsberg for you and your friend.

Carlsberg has a light taste and the green bottle is unique the smell is not too strong and a mouthful is easy to handle. Would i have another? that answer is yes.

Cheers to Beers Rating

Taste: B Smell: B Look : B- Mouthful: B- Repeat: B+

Overall: B

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